Sidewalk and Entryway De-icing

Don't Slip and Fall on Your Way Out the Door

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If ice takes over your sidewalk, it's not safe to walk on. However, getting rid of ice isn't easy. Total Property Services can help you with our sidewalk de-icing services in Tacoma, WA. We use effective de-icing measures to get rid of ice quickly and safely and prevent damage to the underlying concrete. We also offer sidewalk snow removal services if you want to skip shoveling snow.

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Why should you hire us for de-icing services?

Taking care of your property during the winter months is easy with our team on the job. With our de-icing services, your sidewalk and entryway will:

  • Look better during the winter months
  • Be safer for anyone coming to your property
  • Last longer without the negative impact of ice

Our sidewalk de-icing and sidewalk snow removal services include everything needed to make your sidewalk safe and easy to navigate. Contact us now if you need help with your property.

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